Dr. Jens Heidrich – Founder and CEO of Heidrich laboratories

In our second episode, we will be talking to Dr. Jens Heidrich.

Jens is one of the last private owners of diagnostic laboratories. I was amazed in our conversations, how many business insights Jens has. His most important advice was not never risk everything, an advice that I full agree with but I hear lots of different advice on risk in the podcasting world. I hear a lot of “If you wanna conquer the island you must burn you boats” , meaning that if you wanna achieve your goals, trash all the possibilities to go back. I think this is very dangerous advice because we only hear from people who have succeeded but we never hear people who have risked everything and lost everything. So, I really appreciated it, when Jens said to never risk everything.

Other than that we will talk about subjects like getting up again after you have failed, the problem with venture capital and lots of other interesting subjects.

I hope you’ll love the episode as much as I do.


You can find it here and on iTunes, Stitcher or on Castbox, Pocket Casts or TuneIn under “Career Conversations” (Spotify is going to come soon)







Many thanks to alex@vsi.tv for providing us with the free audio effect “Royal sparkle whoosh centre.wav” on https://freesound.org/people/alex@vsi.tv/sounds/170523/ at the intro and outro of this podcast The sound was shortened 2sec.


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