Claude Garcia – How to choose your future and communicate your aims

Hello everyone,

today we have a great and inspiring guest: Claude Garcia

I saw Claude at a TED conference in Zurich and was totally blown away by his talk, even though I had zero interest in his research topic in the beginning.

Claude works in forest management and has projects all over the world. What blew my mind was how he communicates about the importance of forest preservation, so that he is actually able to make a difference and influence decisions and behaviours of politicians and large companies.

So, this episode is worth listening to for everyone who has a goals and struggles to communicate about it in a way people listen and change their behaviours.

You can find the episode here on, as usual, on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or your podcast player of choice.




If you want to learn more about Claude’s work, here are some useful links:

Supporting conservation by playing a game? Seriously? (commentary)






Many thanks to for providing us with the free audio effect “Royal sparkle whoosh centre.wav” on at the intro and outro of this podcast The sound was shortened 2sec.

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