Michael Ginster – Set your goals unreachably high and you will surprise yourself by what you can achieve

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to my father!

In today’s episode I will share one of the first ever interviews that I have recorded. The purpose of the interview was actually to have a sample interview that could start a collaboration with the Graduate Campus of Unil and today I am taking it out of my drawer so that everyone can benefit.

The interview guest is, hands down, one of the best guests I have ever had because he is my father. It is amazing, how much his mindset has also shaped my decisions and ultimately shaped this podcast. My father has had an great career and currently is the head of wheel development at a big car manufacturer (not sure, if I am allowed to mention the name here). But actually he started with very few career chances and my grandmothers hope for him was actually to work at the counter at a post office. Luckily he aimed higher!

If you are curious about his mindset, you can listen to the episode here.


Also the episode is, as always, available on your podcast player of choice.

This episode is definitely closest to my heart, so I hope you’ll enjoy it as well 😉




Many thanks to alex@vsi.tv for providing us with the free audio effect “Royal sparkle whoosh centre.wav” on https://freesound.org/people/alex@vsi.tv/sounds/170523/ at the intro and outro of this podcast The sound was shortened 2sec.

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