What successful PhDs have in common

I had the pleasure to interview many high achievers with a PhD and some of them were outstandingly successful, like Nobel Prize winner Jacques Dubochet or CEOs of biotech or nanotech companies. You know, this type of person, where you are already surprised that they answer, let alone agree to be interviewed.

After a while, I noticed a thing that they all had in common and I started to think, if this might be the key to their success. Then I realised, in order to be consistent in this one thing, you need to have 4 underlying skills and those underlying skills indeed lead to great success.

In case you are interested, what this skill is, check out our new video.

Also, I am curious, if you also think I am onto something. So, let me know your opinion in the comments below.

2 Replies to “What successful PhDs have in common”

    1. That’s a really great way to do it. I moved to a paper calendar again this week. Let’s see how that goes 😀


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