Thesis Time Management | PhD

It’s easy to let your thesis and your PhD project get the best of you, make you work to complete exhaustion and neglect all of your friends, your hobbies and the things that usually keep you sane.

Lots of people will probably tell you to relax and take a rest. This is such frustrating advice when you have this huge pile of work to do and relaxing will stress you out even more because you just feel that deadline coming closer and closer. So, instead, you start working around the clock and end up getting nothing done because you are too exhausted, make lots of mistakes and you brain works a lot more slowly.

Sounds familiar? It’s because I have been there and I felt exactly the same. When I recognised that I was just busy but not productive, I started looking for a way to get sh*t done and still stay sane and relaxed. Overall, reducing the tasks was not an option because I am committed both to my PhD and to Career Conversations. Finding a way to manage both in an intelligent way was the only way to go for me.

So, in today’s video, I am sharing the solutions that I have found to stay calm, yet productive and juggle my PhD and the Career Conversations Project at the same time.

In fact, I am writing this post on a Sunday morning (and not on Thursday, 5pm, the time this video is launching) because I am now planning weeks ahead to reduce stress and optimise the workflows as much as possible. This post will be ready, with hashtags and all, for all kinds of social media platforms way ahead of time. Speaking of social media, follow me on Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn or, my newest obsession – Twitter. 😉


I hope, this video is going to be helpful for you because these time management methods have helped me a lot.





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