Hi, I’m Stefanie.

Welcome to Career Conversations, a podcast and seminar series in partnership with the University of Lausanne Graduate Campus.

I believe that the most precious things we have are our time and our health.

Because our work makes up such a significant part of our lives, we should make this time as valuable, purposeful and satisfying as possible. In this podcast I interview those who have managed to fill their lives with work that fulfils them. I ask them how they got to where they are, what were the obstacles along the way, and what they’ve learnt in the process.

So, what makes this project different from other career platforms?

I think that we are presented with too many polished and perfected CVs that tend to intimidate, rather than inspire. In the age of Facebook and Instagram, where people only show the best version of themselves, it’s easy to believe that we are not good enough. We don’t even begin to pursue our goals because we are too afraid to fail. Instead we simply trade our time for money and go for the safest or most obvious career option.

We tend to forget that careers only look linear in retrospect: seen from the within, they can look very messy indeed!

In Career Conversations we talk honestly with high achievers about why they do what they do, and how it felt along the way. We talk about their successes as well as the risks and the pitfalls, and we try to learn as much as possible along the way. We hope their stories will inspire you to also leave your comfort zone and move towards career choices that are right for you.

If you enjoy our Podcast, doctoral candidates and postdocs at the University of Lausanne/CHUV can also register for our Seminar Series . The seminars are an opportunity for a small, selected audience to continue the conversation with our most inspiring interview guests.

Hope to see you soon!

All the best.

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