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victoria baumgartner seminar series

Victoria Baumgartner is artistic director and founder of Will&Co, a theatre company that produces plays around the life and work of William Shakespeare. We met Victoria through Jacques Dubochet, who recommended her as an inspiring person who never settled for a common career, but instead focused on fulfilling her dreams. You’ll find out more of what Victoria does at

davide_staedlerDavide Staedler is founder and CEO of Tibio, a scientific consulting company for environment, bioteoch and life science. Davide had the idea for is company before he finished his bachelor’s degree and started his own business, even before her started his PhD. Today he also works as a lecturer and helps students and young entrepreneurs to build their own business themselves.

You can listen to my interview with Victoria here:

The seminar will take place on January 24th 2019, 5:30pm on the Dorigny (Sorges) Campus.

To join, please register with your mygraduatecampus account at the link below.

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